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kat von d, vector, inked by assignation kat von d, vector, inked by assignation
this is finally a SHARP inked version (used the program, Inkscape, which works like the "live trace" option in adobe illustrator CS2 and above (i have CS...i think). image on left is the pencil drawing (the increase in contrast brought out the lines, but decreased the light shading). i think it would be possible to tweak the eye portion of the inked version a littttttttle bit, if i wanted to. was trying to get an overall "inked" version first.

not sure if my gallery here will be loaded with "kat von d" images for a while, but i like working on the same piece (doing different things on the same piece / easier to keep track of what's being fiddled around with).

the number 1 thing i like about vectors is that you can increase the image size, and the image will retain its sharpness (as compared to images on ps which work on pixels).

i also like the crisp hardness of the lines, though it depends on the "look" of the whole thing also.

i've never been able to really get into adobe illustrator (too used to photoshop!)...but i might try the paint/brushes feature another time. was fighting too much with the points in the pencil feature. a tutorial on how to use the brush tool would probably be very helpful.

have to do essay on oscar wilde now.


+ colored version at [link]

+ quick monotone version at [link]

reference: rebel ink magazine (dec 2010)

medium: pencils for original drawing, Inkscape for vector linework

- Jess @
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November 12, 2010
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